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Food Sensitivity Test

Our Food Sensitivity Panel offers a thorough examination to pinpoint sensitivities to both common and less recognised triggers, some of which patients may not even realise are part of their diet. This panel is particularly beneficial for individuals with diverse dietary habits and preferences. Once identified, managing trigger foods can alleviate symptoms and empower you to pursue optimal health.

Food Sensitivity Test
Looking For
  • Better knowledge regarding your personal food triggers / sensitivities 
  • Root causes for chronic symptoms such as digestive issues, skin conditions, autoimmunity and more 

Helps With
  • Numerous chronic conditions, ranging from digestive issues like IBS to neurological concerns such as migraines and mood disorders like depression, might signify an underlying food sensitivity
  • Eliminating the food whilst enabling gut healing can help improve these conditions 
  • While dairy and gluten are frequent culprits, uncovering food sensitivities can be intricate and elusive.