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Metabolic Integrity

The Metabolic Integrity is a comprehensive test delving into various metabolic aspects crucial for optimal health including methylation, detoxification, mitochondrial function and oxidative stress. Understanding your metabolic profile can provide invaluable insights into your health and guide personalised interventions to optimise well-being.

Metabolic Integrity
Looking For
  • Tailored insights into your metabolic profile and recommendations for essential nutrients.
  • Educational support highlighting nutrient functions, causes and complications of deficiencies, and food sources.
  • Markers reflecting malabsorption, bacterial/yeast dysbiosis, and cellular energy metabolism.
  • Insights into Neurotransmitter metabolism
  • Indicators of kidney stone formation, oxidative stress, and metabolic dysfunction.
  • An analysis of essential and nonessential amino acids, intermediary metabolites, and urea An assessment of biochemical reactions dependent on B vitamins.
  • Indications of protein breakdown and meat intake.

Helps With
  • Understanding Fatigue related symptoms in more depth
  • Improving Mitochondrial Dysfunction 
  • Improving Chronic Stress 
  • Addressing Inflammation 
  • Improving Mood disorders 
  • Assessing toxicity and detoxification pathways